What is PLA ?

PLA plastic or Polylactic acid is a plastic material coming from plants, commonly using corn starch as a raw material. It’s the main raw material of natural origin used in 3D printing.

It is one of the most widely used 3D printing materials for additive manufacturing.

Source : https://www.twi-global.com/technical-knowledge/faqs/what-is-pla

At 3D Creative Solutions, we mainly use PLA for our 3D printing. We currently have a 41 colors range, some of which are made up of wood, wheat or coffee. These last elements add a more pleasant texture to your creations.


Les résines sont des polymères thermodurcissables. Elle durcissent sous l’impulsion d’un rayon lumineux. Il existe de multiple résines avec différentes propriétés : résistance, transparence, flexibilité, à prise rapide, etc.

You can use the perfect resin for your needs:
Formlabs – Black Resin V4
Formlabs – High Temp Resin V2
Formlabs – Clear Resin V4
Formlabs – Flexible Resin V2
Formlabs – Tough 1500 V1
Formlabs – Durable Resin V2

There are still many other types of resins, the best is still to contact us.

To go further: https://formlabs.com/materials/

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